Friday, April 20, 2012

Adults Only

Where I grew up in Idaho, you had to show your ID and prove that you were of sound mind and body to buy dry ice. Yup. 18+ only to buy dry ice in Idaho. There are lots of great things you have to flash ID for: cigarettes, booze, "GRAPHIC" novels, and now, selling books to us in the UBC.

This is standard practice for most buyback situations but we've been renegades for a while. But now we're toeing the line. And you must, too, if you wanna swim with the big fishes. Or something. Anyway all that matters is that we're going to need photo ID when you sell us your used books starting 25 April. Thanks in advance for helping us out on this.

Other used book news: we got a lot of great Modern Library giant books: complete Henry James short stories, Thirty Famous one-act plays, that we are mylaring right now. Some great poetry, gobs of comics and lots of great contemporary fiction including this book The Line by Olga Grushin that looks really cool. And the pictured vintage paperback of Jane Eyre with a great cover. Come by and see! There's beautiful weather about! Don't be caught in the park or on the beach by a fancy member of the gender of your romantic preference WITHOUT a book to make you look like the smart AND attractive catch that you are.

Thanks for reading!

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