Wednesday, April 4, 2012


If you have entered Booksmith-land over the past few weeks, you will quickly notice that things are drastically different. Though the aisles are wider, we didn't get rid of our vast selection of books. Actually, some brilliant minds found a way for us to hold EVEN MORE! I know, as if deciding between books could be any harder, but there you have it. We officially have more books than ever. 

And the non-sequitor transition here says, it's April. Happy Poetry Appreciation Month! (Ah, one reason to enjoy children's poetry is, you guessed, we have more than ever.) New books of poetry to fill your minds:

Edgar Allan Poe's Pie by J. Patrick Lewis
I've never cared for math at all, but maybe it would have been more interesting had my teachers used this book. Instead of boring and practical word problems, mathematical quandaries and puzzles in classic poetic retellings and verse are given. Math just sounds more interesting when you begin with, “Once upon a midnight rotten, / Cold, and rainy, and forgotten...” even though it ends with a fraction. “Let the train miss you. / Let the train be late by ten minutes so you can finish your snack./ Let the train steam along like a cloud” is all about percentages. So, will it be pie or pi for dessert?

A beautiful nature-iffic collection of poetry that is perfect for spring (and all other seasons). There is so much in it that is happening right now, like “Last week the twigs were just twigs, / bare and black and boring, / but now – blossoms!” (from Cherry Blossoms), and planting seeds, growing and nesting, and rainbows. Come see for yourself! In the words of Jamie, "this book will get you into the swing of spring."

A Meal of the Stars: Poems Up and Down by Dana Jensen
Quite the unique collection here. Some poems you have to read up, as if you were the kite on the end of a string, and others read down, like the drops of rain falling. Which way is which? In the words of the author, “That's up to you to find out. Have fun!”

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