Friday, April 6, 2012

We all make Miss Steaks

This week is much better than last week because my colleague Carl is back from vacation, so the UBC is back to regular buying capacity, and the Spotify playlists are significantly more varied. Also, we got new lights downstairs. I'll tell you what! It's like daylight down in our lil cave, you should come check it out. I didn't realize before that Carl wears different colors of flannel! Also, the lights are so bright (in a good way) that all the different colored spines of the books look like CANDY. It's good times.

When I'm left to my own devices in the UBC I do silly things like pass on first edition Don Quixotes and buy books that I later realize have highlighting in them. D'oh! (We also don't buy back books from our dollar cart but I didn't make that misteak last weak.) The book I bought that ended up having highlighting in it was ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life. I might need a copy.

So come check out all the pretty books in the pretty lights and see what weird stuff I bought while Carl was on vacation! Tons of old Grantas! Cool art books! Fiction that'll blow your mind!

Okay, thanks for reading!



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