Friday, April 13, 2012

Race Into the Booksmith!

It's that time again, folks! Time to get drunk and watch people with iron willpower rush past you! OR, if you're one of the elite few, time to race through our streets scantily clad without getting arrested. Go you!

Maybe this year is the LAST year you drink from the sidelines and next year you're going to do it. You're going to run the Boston Marathon. Better start training now because I hear it's pretty hard to qualify. But never fear, we've got this useful guide to eating right while training for endurance sports:

Or, this could be the year for you. In which case, the UBC has you covered. I'm sure it's against "regulations" and "rules" and you might get "disqualified," but maybe you should jazz it up this year and buy this book from us. You have the weekend to read it before you bust out barefoot running techniques on the streets Monday:

Finally, if you ARE running the race, here are a few helpful suggestions from your big fans in the Booksmith dungeon:

For while you're racing:
  • Vegan pizza delivery in the Allston-Brighton area: Peace O' Pie (617) 787-9884. I recommend the E.P.
  • Naked Pizza: Grab a gluten-free pizza as you rush down Beacon Street! They'll put fresh basil on it! (617) 232-2412.
  • Pizzeria Dante! Awesome pizza, also down Beacon Street, with just about any topping you could want. Call ahead and I'm sure they'll pop out their storefront and pass it off like Grecian torch-racers of old! (617) 232-5353.
For after the race, you're going to need to relax in a bath of Epsom salts, and my colleague Carl has just the recommendation for deep relaxation:

Godspeed you iron-willed uber-humans! And Bostonian spectators, remember: beer before liquor never sicker. Thanks for reading!

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