Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awesome Advice for Impressing Your Date

Everyone wants to impress that special someone when having them over for a date. But in the world of dating, everything is a challenge, and the slightest awkward moment could ruin your entire evening. Well, worry not! For I am here with some more of the Card & Gift Room's awesome items along with a step-by-step guide to having an evening you nor your date will likely forget.

Step 1: Dress Up for the Occasion
Whether or not you're a naturally good-looking individual (like myself), you'll want to add some flair to your attire if you want your date to really notice you. It is a proven fact that facial hair makes anyone, male or female, look incredibly distinguished and attractive. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to grow an awesome moustache or beard yourself, buy one! Stick on a moustache (in attractive styles such as Artist and Hipster) or blow up your own beard. Worried about those awkward moments when you gaze into each other's eyes? Try the Anime Eyes glasses to give your date something interesting to look at. And for  footwear, consider the Mop Slippers; everyone wants a date that can multi-task!

Step 2: Appetizers
You don't want your date to starve while they wait for dinner; it makes you look like a poor host. Whet your special someone's appetite with some bacon! Everyone loves bacon, and now you can enjoy it in a multitude of formats. Hang a bacon air freshener in your car to make an instant impression when you pick up your date; offer them some Bacon Gumballs or Gummy Bacon (Warning: Gummy Bacon is actually strawberry flavored) as a snack, or Bacon Toothpicks or Bacon Floss for a tasty way to get whatever that is out of your teeth. For chapped lips or the occasional boo-boo, there's bacon for that, too. By the time dinner actually comes, your date will be ravenous.

Step 3: Meal Preparation
It is always a good idea to impress your date with a home-cooked meal. The way to someone's heart is through their stomach, after all! If all that bacon didn't already win their heart, some of these impressive cooking accessories certainly will help. Show your date you take cooking seriously with the OCD Chef cutting board, which allows you to cut precise measurements of vegetables for the absolutely perfect dish. The Batter Finger spatula is a great tool for baking, and it doubles for an awesome "pull my finger" gag. Worried about burning your hand on a hot pan handle? Cover it with a silicone Banana Handle for maximum protection and potassium. If you plan to enjoy a bottle of wine, make sure to keep it fresh with one of our unique bottle toppers: Pickles, plungers, or bananas; there's something for everyone! Don't forget these whimsical oven mitts that make you look like an adorable animal has eaten your hand.

Step 4: Go with a Theme
Theme parties are not just for kids. A good theme will show your date that you have class and pay attention to detail. Here at Booksmith we happen to have some themed items set up for you, to save you the hassle of collecting them yourself! Russian Matryoshkas and Babushkas are adorable little dolls that your date will love. Put them in your kitchen as nesting Store-M Tupperware, M-Spoons measuring spoons, M-Cups measuring cups and Salt-M S&P shakers. If your date wants to freshen up in the bathroom, provide them with Babushka manicure sets, tweezers or matchbox emery boards. Their beady little eyes will make your date feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Step 5: Keep it Clean
Throughout your evening, you will want to show your special someone that you care about your personal hygiene. Your hands touch everything and spread germs everywhere! Protect yourself and your date with Handerpants, underpants for your hands. These attractive, stylish gloves will certainly make an impression--plus, they'll keep your date from noticing how sweaty your palms are when you touch. After dinner, don't let the entertainment end! Using these Dish Play rubber gloves, you can put on a show for yourself and your date while getting those dishes clean. Your skills at drama and puppetry will surely make them swoon.

 Well, that's about all the advice I can give you. With these tools at your disposal, you'll barely need to do a thing to make your special someone fall for you in no time. Your quest for romance is now complete!

You're welcome.

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