Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bike into Booksmith

Last week after closing down Booksmith for the night, I wearily boarded an overcrowded 66 bus to the orange line. When, thirty minutes after leaving the store, I exited the T station nearest my apartment and began stumbling up the block toward home, I was waved down by two exuberant bikers flying toward me.

I recognized the hunched, slightly sweaty forms of two of my co-workers, to whom I had said goodnight thirty minutes prior. As they wheeled merrily on their way, I trudged onward toward my apartment, through the door, and past my out-of-commission bike with a flat back wheel. As soon as my flat is fixed I'll be whizzing around Boston in a summer free from the hassle and trial of public transportation.

At Booksmith we have all the resources you need--short of fixing a flat--to prepare for a summer of biking around the state. Stop by our travel section for guide books and maps to help you plan a safe route through the city (see Boston's Bike Map--it's even waterproof) or a scenic ride through the backroads of New England (pick up the Moon Guide to New England Biking).

In addition, our Pocket Ride Maps offer creative routes to little known local destinations. Just slip these laminated, 3x5 maps into your pack and ride off to Singing Beach, Walden Pond, or Wompatuck State Park. Or if you simply need inspiration, check out the hip new Cycle Style, filled with photos of sleek, fashionable peddlers like yourself. Whether biking for transportaiton or recreation, bike into Booksmith for your travel needs.


The Hipster Dad said...

Nice!! Maybe Ill bike over to the Booksmith tonight and grab one of those maps :-)

The Hipster Dad said...

Nice post - ive been biking instead of T-ing lately and been getting everywhere faster and feel great! Excercise / Speed FTW! -C