Monday, July 26, 2010

Evening routines

Last night Jackson let Libbie sit between the two of us while I read (sang) 10 Bears in My Bed before lights out. "There were ten in his bed so the little one said" made Jack's head bob side to side in rhythm, a sure sign of how tired he really was - he normally is against anything fun like snapping fingers, humming along, or even the slightest suggestion of dancing. Our little Puritan. Libbie gets her little books read to her first when there is only one parent around for bedtime, and, grateful to share Jack's book, she was very respectful this time, pointing to one thing on each page with a quite "Yucka da." No trying to turn the page early, good sister.

It will be one parent at bedtime for about a month, since Jess will be out until well past midnight getting Othello up and running on the Commons. It's gonna be a bloody, bloody production. If you've never treated yourself to one of the greatest things this city has to offer, you should make a point of it this year. The Bard, a blanket, a bottle of wine...check it out, or kick yourself until next year.

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