Monday, July 5, 2010

Got You In My Rolodex

Down here in the UBC, there is a rolodex. It is our rolodex. When a customer drops off a bag of books, or if they pop in after the buying hours (wed-sat, 10-4) and would like cash for their books, we usually sift through the books, pulling out what we can use, and produce a cash total. We then get the customer's name and phone number. Sometimes customers will come back during the buying hours to retrieve their cash flow. Other times: not so much. Such is the plight of today's blog topic.

Have you dropped off books and not yet picked up your money? Don't sweat it! We still have your info. There are names and dates that go back two or three years. Is your name Roberta Hayes? Elliot Gellspan? Or the simple, yet elegantly mysterious "GUVAN"? Is your name Devorah Sperling? We still have your credit slip! Come pick it up and treat yourself to a new book! The credit doesn't expire! It ceases to cease! Huzzah!

So if you think there's an outside shot you may have forgotten to visit us and pick up your sweet green, you're in luck because there's still a very good shot we have your info in our rolodex*. Feel free to call us (617-566-6660 ex208) or email us if you have any questions!

* please note that it's not 100% certain. More like 95%.

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