Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trailer Books

My new favorite trend in the publishing world is that of the book trailer, wherein a book, or a book's release, is treated as though it were a movie, and given a preview clip, or in most cases, a sexy advertisement, often starring celebrities or fancy animation. I find these exciting. I seek them out on youtube. I dream of making one. Last week, c/o of fellow blogger Katie, you were given one of my favorite book trailers for the new Gary Shteyngart novel. After viewing the trailer, I want to read his new book. And i'm not even a big Gary Shteyngart guy. At any rate, here a few of my favorites:

The last one was animated by Greg Lytle for a book my press released called "I Am In The Air Right Now by the insanely talented Kathryn Regina. This video, in fact, was nominated for, and won, a Moby Award for best low budget/indie trailer. Yes, there is such a thing as an award for best book trailer. The tooting of one's own horn is fun.

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