Thursday, July 8, 2010


I confess that I have a Google Alert set up for Gary Shteyngart & this wondrousness popped in my mailbox at like 3am. Featuring Gary, ♥ Mary Gaitskill ♥, and the seemingly ubiquitous James Franco, here are the secrets of Gary's success and other secrets:

He is reading here in Brookline on September 15 at the Coolidge for his newest novel, Super Sad True Love Story (released 7/27) . Tickets for the reading will go on sale on August 1. Am I excited? A little tiny bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry, thought fangirl moments like this were what you prized in your booksellers. I will continue to shamelessly foam at the mouth about the books I like if I see them in your hands (often it is either of Gary's previous two works for me, of which I have hand-sold dozens & dozens [not that he needed my boost] and lost through lending them enough that I must rebuy them). And you can't stop me, guys - it's, like, a biological thing? - even though I'm truly sorry if I creep you out.

Now this post might pop up in my next Google Alert. Hi!

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