Sunday, July 18, 2010


Also known as magazines, but I like the rather serious tone of periodicals.   One of the vendors we get mags from is actually called Ingram Periodicals.  I order and merchandise the store's selection which I enjoy immensely, having always loved that version of the printed word.   The floor space we can devote to them is somewhat limited, but I think we pack a good variety into that space.  All the requisite weeklies and monthlies are represented, of course.  And we take immediate action when a customer requests a title we don't carry.  People are quite devoted to their mag of choice, I've found.  You want Military History?  Done.  Cat Fancy?  Done.
Australian Vogue?  And so on, across topics literary, artistic, political, hipper than hip, cooler than cool. 

I personally zip through 8 or more per week and have 6 favorite monthlies.  Without naming names,  I feel it's part of my job to keep up with popular culture and a variety of spins on current events.  I'm also drawn to those which suggest a simpler life, quick recipes for food, health, beauty, flawless homes and gardens and have lots of great photos.   Then there are the ones about books and reading to consume.  And the cannot be missed New Yorker where many authors I admire start or continue careers.   Magazines, delicious magazines.  May you continue to exist despite dire predictions to the contrary. 

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