Thursday, July 1, 2010

On her shoulders

Dear citizens of Brookline and Booksmith fans further afield,

I know what you're thinking since Genie's farewell post. I know that even now you're probably crouched beneath a table, worried that the world as you know it is going to end. What will happen to the events series? you might ask.

But stay calm, friends. Stay calm. I will be taking over the role of Events Director as of next week, and I will do my best to make sure I keep up the momentum Genie has built over the past two years.

I remember when I first came to work at the Booksmith almost a year ago Kate handed me a calendar, and I was baffled by the wonderful, wonderful authors we had lined up. Since then, I've seen authors who were taught in my college courses as exemplars of contemporary literature. I have seen the store filled to the point where moving is impossible and even breathing is difficult. I am still, I must admit, a little baffled.

To step into Genie's role here is a great honor. I know how well Genie has done, and I know that I am taking on a huge amount of responsibility, that the work I do will directly affect the store and our customers, as well as the authors who come to visit us. I know that readings mean a lot to everyone--to the audience, who get to meet the people who have entertained and amazed them, to writers because they get to see the people they've touched through their countless hours of solitary work. And Genie has done a wonderful job of creating such moments.

But it is precisely because Genie did such a great job that I feel so excited about stepping into this position. We've already booked our events through September, and we have some huge names coming. I have been working closely with Genie, and the handover will go smoothly.

I can't be her. I don't know that I can fill her shoes. But I have shoes of my own. And I will do my best. And I think, if you'll take my hand and come out from under that table, we can have a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, Evan! I know you'll do a great job!