Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't Wake Me, I'm Reading

So says a fancy little pillow we used to sell in our divine and , oh so surprising, Card and Gift Room.  To find such an eclectic collection of sublime to ridiculous items smack in the middle of our bookstore is truly a surprise for  first timers.    Veteran customers know it to be THE place for a perfect gift plus card and wrap.  At the moment, it's bustin' out all over with spring treasures.

Back to the pillow, it reminded me of that dreamlike state one achieves when immersed in a good book.  There's really nothing quite like it.  You don't want to be interrupted.  You don't want it to end.  You want everyone you know and love to read it.  When you put it down, you have been a long way off and are distracted.   Sometimes you're laughing out loud, other times weeping copiously, sometimes even both.  Plus you always learn something - could be a  delicious tidbit or a whole swath of history or a culture entirely new to you.   

It occurs to me that good movies do the same thing.  I know I'm always plugging books in my blogging, but guess what?  Movies come from scripts written by writers.   So, they qualify.  For that matter, songs do, too.  Lyrics are...written.   The written word RULES.

Okay, perhaps overly simplistic.  But true, nonetheless.  As I ended last Sunday, I am happy with my "news".  And the sunshine.  
Good stuff.

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