Saturday, March 13, 2010

turn your clocks ahead

Twice a year I am forced to wrestle with the non-sequitorial nature of the time-space continuum. I get all-thoughtsie around the time we decide-- collectively to change our clocks. It's usually this time of year you can find me skimming several books in the self help section of the I have what I can only describe as a reverse seasonal affect disorder.To console myself....I start thinking about outdoorsie stuff I know I will eventually want to do, once I have enough vitamin D metabolized to lift my spirits...some of these things are-

-the produce is on its way back to affordability, and the farmers market is marching towards us...and I usually start thinking about changing my diet to something kinder...

-trips to New Hampshire (we have lots of great local travel/hiking books) This year I think I'd like to hike Lafayette.

-grabbing a few used books and going to the park (Lars Anderson )

-cleaning out my bookshelves and selling back all my good intentions to the UBC (Wed-Sat 10-4) to make room and resources available for new good intentions

-reading an inspirational yet non-taxing adventure/ sports book ("Born to Run" comes to mind)

Mostly I think this is the real time for resolutions, as it at least lines up with nature...isn't there a literary term coined by John Ruskin for that? There is...I almost forgot it's called "pathetic fallacy"(It's not what it sounds like) ...It's just the idea of anthropomorphizing animals, weather events...yada yada

Mostly for me, this is the time to really take inventory, clean up....and get outside.

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