Wednesday, March 24, 2010


adj. qui·et·er, qui·et·est
1.Making little or no noise. 2. Free of loud noise; hushed. 3. Calm and unmoving; still. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Ferdinand the bull, a classic children's book character created by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson, had it right the whole time. Moments of quiet and solitude are to be enjoyed over and over again. But, how often do we go through a day without stopping to hear the quiet of being the “first one awake”? What about the “jelly side down quiet”? The “pretending you’re invisible quiet.” “Too many bubbles quiet.” Join Deborah Underwood in The Quiet Book, illustrated with Renata Liwska’s charming illustrations, as she explores the variety of quiets that can be found in one day.

Listen to the quiets in your day. You will be glad you did! Maybe even stop and smell the flowers beneath a cork tree in Spain.

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