Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sarah Silverman Owns Us

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I cannot get over quite how many people have called for Sarah Silverman tickets in the last two days. Yeah, yeah, I understand that a Genuine Comic Genius with her own television show performing at a small, gorgeous movie house for $5 is, quite possibly, the coolest thing ever. I get that. But what I don't get is how fast social media works.

Katie, my events cohort, is the Twitter-er in this relationship, and Paul, of course, does B-mail. When these two joined forces and announced Ms. Thang's appearance, it was as though lightning had struck. The message was forwarded and re-forwarded and tweeted and re-tweeted (is Grandma using the terminology correctly?) and all four of our phone lines lit up all at once and everyone on the phone was breathlessly asking "do-you-still-have-Sarah-Silverman-tickets" and all of us Booksmithies looked at each other in amazement but not as much as we could have because we were busy looking downwards at the Sarah Silverman tickets we were selling faster than the fastest-multiplying rabbits or some other appropriate metaphor for things that accrue incredibly rapidly.

I am so happy that people pay attention to our efforts to get the word out. Thanks for that. And lo, your attentions will be rewarded by seeing a Genuine Comic Genius in a tiny art-deco space and then sitting at a table in the art book aisle waiting to sign your very own copy of The Bedwetter. Such a happy ending!

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Katie said...

What an excellent usage of Blingee. How can we better incorporate Blingee into our marketing strategy? Studies have shown that people respond well to sparkles.