Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why We're Here

Someone recently asked me if the store has a mission statement. I remember numerous workshops over the years on how to craft one, the importance of having one and so on. Nonetheless, we've never really settled on one. One of the store's original taglines (maybe THE original) was "Dedicated to the Fine Art of Browsing". Creative booksellers along the way have come up with other suggestions, like "An Independent Bookstore for Independent Minds". There's a new bookmark design touting that we are "More Than Just a Great Bookstore". Thinking about what to write today, I noticed a printed piece from a few years back on the wall above my desk.


Our mission, plain and simple, is to:

Be a community resource, and the best bookstore around

Provide a carefully tailored, hand-picked selection of the finest books available. We represent every point of view we can, and tolerate all views. In this store, First Amendment rights are never abridged.

Provide every single customer with an experience that is better than they could ever anticipate.

Serve our customers with care, respect, and minute attention to detail.

Read as much as possible.

Deliver all of this with a sense of humor and a ready smile.

Still relevant? I do believe so!

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