Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Eating Adventure

The theme of board books: baby animals, a story, soft animals, baby faces, nosiy animals, and some more animals. 

Of course, there are more interests out there, aren't there, toddlers? 

Touch and feel books?  Well, those too... 

But I'm also talking about board books revolving around food.  No way around it.  Don't convince me otherwise.  Food is a necessary part of life.  Every single day.  And, at least, three times a day if not a little more.  So, what I like to read myself sometimes are Lorena Siminovich's I Like Fruit and I Like Vegetables.  Smooth green apples, one rough orange or two, and a yellow bumpy pear.  Smooth peas outside the pod, tall yelllow corn, or a soft pumpkin to taste touch.  It's a touch and feel adventure with food right here.  No morals.  No limits.  No, "carrots will make you grow taller," or "if you don't eat that strawberry you can't have dessert."  It's a good old, basic introduction to food -- for those times in between meals.

 Yes, food is an adventure!

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