Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Ask

You've been asking for more children's and young adult literature events.  Well, middle and high school ladies, here is your opportunity!

Elizabeth Berkley will be coming to our store this Sunday (April 17th) at 2:00 p.m. to discuss her new book, Ask Elizabeth.  There is no charge, just come on downstairs to our events corner.  After the talk she will be signing books (she will also be glad to sign one memorbilia item per fan -- such as a Saved by the Bell poster -- as long as you have also purchased a copy of the book).

Most of you may know Berkley from numerous television shows, particularly Saved By The Bell and CSI: Miami. But, she is more than just an actress.  Did you know that she founded a "not-for-profit organization that facilitates self-esteem workshops to empower girls ages 11-18"?  Ask Elizabeth is a compilation of letters from teens nation wide grasping all concepts of life -- first love, sex, family issues, loneliness, self-esteem, body image, and much more.

I found Berkley's advice and responses to be well thought out and down to earth.  Additionally, this book is more than advice from Berkley as well as other teens.  It helps to reassure you that you are not the only one.  Most of us, at some time or another, all have similar embarrassing hard-to-ask questions.  Questions that you think no one will ever want to hear or answer.

  What do you do when your friends turn on you?               How do you know who you can really trust?               What can I do to gain confidence?                  What do I do if someone likes me?                Why are girls so judgemental of each other??!!                How can I be more outgoing?                    What do you do if someone is jealous of you?                 What are some ways to make new friends?             I hate my nose...              I hate how big I am.  I get really tired of being the fat girl with the pretty face...                    My mom and I don't get along anymore and all we do is fight. Is it going to be like this forever?                   My grandmother was my best friend, then she died...    

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