Saturday, April 16, 2011

"When in doubt, relax" the inagural 7-minute Brookline Booksmith Interview : Christopher McDougall -Born to Run-

I stood outside in what was potentially sunburn weather in my Vibram 5 fingers, next to Christopher McDougall. He was wearing carpenters pants, and his trademark black leather 5-fingers, (his black tie choice). In between fans, I was able to ask him a few questions, and luckily he's a super nice guy, and humored me.

below was our conversation

me: So what are you reading now? What are some of your favorite books?

CMD: Definitely City of Thieves, WWII resistance history, Until Proven Innocent, Unbroken, and the new release Supercooperators. Also Mating.

me: What are you working on now? Are you allowed to tell me?

CMD: Technically, NO...but because you guys pushed this book before it was even a book I'll tell you. Promise not to tell everyone please. I'm working on **************** **** ******* ********. (I can tell you this. It's going to be amazing. I'm so happy he's writing another book.)

me: So, when this new book comes out you ARE COMING HERE FIRST, right?

CDM: I'll be there with donuts and coffee. Before the books even get there.

me:When do you plan on running your next Ultra?

CDM: I just ran a 50K two weeks ago in Darlington Maryland. I am running a midnight marathon in Gaza, for the children of Gaza through UNRWA.

Guy getting his book signed: Do you have any inspirational quotes for runners? What minimalist shoes do you recommend?

CDM: "When in doubt, relax." Check out Barefoot Ted's site. It's the Tarajumara sandals. After that, New Balance, Evo, and Neo, Vibram 5 fingers, specifically the BIKILA

me: Do you still have a relationship with Caballo and Barefoot Ted?

CDM: Yea, I still get emails from them, and they really haven't changed, as people, at all. If you are making links, definitely link to punk-rock Ultra marathoner Catra Corbett. She has a great blog called Dirt Diva. (me: it's a killer running site)

me: My Uncle Mike has run upwards of 68 marathons. He has concerns about larger runners running barefoot. I want him to be wrong, will you tell him he's wrong?

CDM: He's wrong.Weight makes no difference, it's actually more important for larger runners to run barefoot, it keeps the foot from heel-striking and encourages more of a midsole strike. Look at me!

me: You're tiny

CDM: No, I'm not. Tell your Uncle he's dead wrong. Then tell him Dr. Daniel Lieberman said so. me: (in my head) I love you Uncle Mike, but the frog-feet are staying.

me: One last essential question, what is your favorite cheese?

CDM: Cheez-whiz, and a Philly cheesesteak from Geno's.

And with that, I forced the poor man to sign just about all of our copies. We're talking boxes here. So, if you couldn't make it today and still want to buy yourself or a loved one a signed copy, just call as 617.566.6660 or come by the store.

If you have an IPAD or any other such device, buy the Born to Run ebook from us. It's the same price with us as it is at Amazon. (And Amazon can't bring the man to Brookline)

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