Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Answer the Question: Jessica Hagedorn

Jessica Hagedorn read at the store Wednesday night, and I cornered her while she was signing stock of her kick-ass new novel TOXIC-OLOGY. Smiley and affable, Jessica Hagedorn is warm and approachable. I chose this picture of her because it's kinda edgy; but asymptomatic of her aura. Yet, there is something of the Duende in this image, an idea that runs throughout this magnetic novel.

as follows are her answers to our wickid' haahd-hitting questions.

me: What are you reading that you feel guilty putting down?

JH: Your Face Tomorrow, by Javier Marias...part I in a trilogy. It is brilliant.

me: You have your finger on the zeitgeist as it were, and have a seamless command of teen vernacular. It reads totally authentic. You clearly are no tourist in the land of contemporary electro-slang...which leaves me to the question of research...What is your favorite reality TV show--(we know you watch them so don't lie.)

JH: RuPaul's Drag Race. Hands down. I love how he plays with language. "Con-drag-ulations!, and Sashay, Away" There is something so positive in the message that 'hey, you lost... but rock it anyway'. I also have kids, and I listen to them. I love kids, their honesty and their cruelty.

me: What's on the horizon for you?

JH: Just waitin' for a phone call.

me: What are you listening to right now?

JH: Martires de Compas which translates loosely to "slaves to the rhythm."

me: Favorite cheese?

JH: (smiles and shakes head in amiable disbelief) Manchego ...or Gorgonzola.

(To order a signed copy just call 617.566.6660, or buy the ebook here.)

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