Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From the GameKeeper: Yikerz!

There are games that are classics, there are games that stay hidden in the box, and then there are games that are just that awesome.   Yes, awesomeness is Yikerz! 

Place the magnets down one by one, but don't let them zap together.  Even though they make a really cool sound, the object of the game is to get rid of all of your funky shaped magnets.  I played a couple of rounds with the staff, and they had a great time with it.  The beauty of this game is that there is a solitaire version -- beat your time to try to fit all of the magnets on the board without any zaps -- for when there is no one esle around.  Or, you can also play with about 5 other players.  The game manufacturer claims that this game is for 14 and up; however, I say age 8, as long as the child knows about magnet safety.

Think of the fun that magnet geeks would have with this game!

$14.99 and great for travel

To watch a really fun demo, please visit here:

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