Thursday, April 28, 2011


I haven't had my usual 46 ounces of caffiene today, so this entry might be more subdued than normal. I know, I know that's not fun for you, but listen, I am no ones dancing monkey. Ok the truth is actually I forgot my debit card at home and had minimal cash. This is horrible. Is this how you people live? Its like everything is in slow motion. My brain is taking, like, FOREVER to process its next thought, its awful. Its something akin to: usually, the train of my mind goes express to Kenmore, but right now we're going the full above-ground route and I'm forced to stand uncomfortably close to some undergrad wearing too much body spritz. TORTURE. COME UP TO THE FRONT TO PAY YOUR FARE.

For those of you that do not have the joy of riding the MBTA, know now, that I hate you.

I just finished reading "The God Of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy for one of my classes. It's an excellent book, although I did feel like the prose was a bit forced at times, but that could just be because Roy uses a lot of metaphor, and overuse of metaphor/simile is a crime I have been accused of committing. Its possible, therefore, that these critical eyes were watching out for that too closely. What? Do you guys not remember that Bob Dylan song "These Critical Eyes (Are Dissecting and Analyzing Social Change)" ? Weird. Pretty sure it was on "Blonde on Blonde", but okay.

The title of the book comes from, essentially, (and I'm paraphrasing here) a woman who falls in love (or lust, hard to tell) with an Untouchable, and, unable to face the larger reality involved with being with an Untouchable, the couple focus on the small things when they're together. The small details about being with each other, and about nature and being human are what categorize the moments they spend in each other's company, and not so much the huge details of who they are and what their liaisons could result in.

That's always one of those slightly cliche things that people tell you is the secret of life: to notice the details and take pleasure in them. I don't think the sentiment is cliche, but I do think thats kind of an open ended statement. How do you even begin to "notice the details"? And isn't everything "the details"? That is not to say that I don't agree; I think we, and when I say 'we' I mean people in the same economic bracket as myself, see the forest for the trees. Proper introspection (what! That is really a word?! Seriously, can you guys believe I'm an english major? I embarrass my co-workers on, like, a day-to-day basis. I don't know why they let me have a blog day, probably so that, in comparison, the other entires look approximately a million times better. Despite the fact that they are already choice entries to begin with) is important in life, and I think that's one of the many messages of this novel.

I recommend this novel. I recommended stopping. I recommended introspection.

Okay. Now that that's done with, lets get on to what REALLY matters:

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